Want to Sing Like Beyoncé? Just Sing Like YOU!

22nd March 2017 Off By Danny Vice

Want to Sing Like Beyoncé? Just Sing Like YOU!

(Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

We all have our vocal idols – people we hear and think “My goodness me, I wish I could sound like that! I am equally guilty of this; there are times I would give my right arm to have the warm, chocolatey velvet tones of Luther Vandross or the pure emotion that George Michael put into his vocals. To want to sound like someone else is not a bad thing though. Too hear a voice we love and want to emulate is a good place to start from in finding your own voice; a good building block or foundation to start your own voyage of discovery. A good place to start is to pick out the qualities and things you like about a singers’ voice and try them out with your own voice. It could be the way they start a line, the tone of their voice when they hold a long note, the way they sing a lyric, the list is endless! These are important things to try as you begin to notice how different people interpret songs and you try and sing them too. But be careful. Unless you’re performing a tribute act or you’re auditioning for Stars in their Eyes, don’t copy every run or trill or vocal progression – you’re just selecting elements and interpreting them in your own voice.

But here’s the thing – you are never going to sound like the people you admire. And why should you? You don’t have their voice, you have your own voice. A voice that is unique and distinctive and you should celebrate it. You may not like all of the sounds your voice makes when you sing but for every unwanted sound, there will be a great, wanted sound behind it. So my advice for anyone wanting to sound like Adele or Beyoncé, Sinatra or Bublé is: your voice is your own. Make the very best of it you can by singing all the time and getting to know your voice. Join a choir, join a singing group and seek out a singing teacher who can help you use your voice in the right way and pretty soon, your voice will start to reveal itself in all it’s glory. We can’t all be superstars but we don’t need to be.  We need to love and cherish our voices and sing. It’s the best feeling of all!

At the end of day – you need to accept your own voice and as soon as you own your voice, it will start to reveal itself. Maybe one day, someone will say “I wish I could sing like you!”