Singing lessons

Receive the ultimate level of attention with a private singing lesson and learn to discover your voice. You will learn where your voice comes from, how to breathe properly, where to sing from and much more. We begin each session with a body and vocal warm up, including vocal exercises, before moving on to singing the songs you love to sing. Each lesson aims to move you on further with finding and improving your voice and using it in ways you never thought possible! All abilities are welcome from the beginner to the more advanced singer wishing to improve their technique, tone and range. It’s an intense and fulfilling experience so book your private lesson today!

Performance technique and stage craft

Using his many years of stage performing, Danny will help you improve your performance technique and all-round stage presence. There are many elements to a fantastic stage performance and everyone is unique which is your greatest strength. Learn the many aspects of stage performance such as microphone technique, performance psychology, preparation before show time, how to care for you voice, combating stage fright and much more.


From beginner to intermediate level, learn how to play the guitar and play the songs you love to sing! You will start with the basics with simple chords and strumming patterns before moving onto the more complex material. Learn in a fun and exciting environment with songs that you love, tailored to your ability. Please note, you will need your own nylon or steel stringed acoustic guitar.


Take your ideas, half-finished songs and scraps of paper with lyrics scribbled on them and bring a new song into the world. You will also learn how to approach song writing and how to write for different audiences.


Price for one-to one sessions: £25 per hour

I have learned so much from my lessons with Danny- he helped me to prepare for an important performance that I was very nervous about. I found him encouraging and positive and he taught me so many techniques to improve my vocal ability and overall performance. His lessons are so much fun that you don’t even realise how much you’ve learned. When I got amazing feedback on my performance I knew I had Danny to thank!